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iImprov - Bebop

3.99 usd

This latest in the iImprov series from Jazz Apps Mobile is designed to help take the mystery out of the language of Bebop. There are 9 comprehensive lessons and 8 JAM- A-longs. Each lesson contains a detailed explanation as well as exercises, transposable notation and tempo-adjustable audio examples. Many of the concepts are also demoed by saxophonist Tony Bray at the end of the lessons.
The topics covered include: - How to fully realize the bebop scale through strategic placement of half steps to ultimately include all twelve notes of the chromatic scale while maintaining appropriate chord colors. - How to develop longer phrases. - Turnarounds and chord substitutions. (Includes tempo adjustable examples that loop and transpose for practicing over.) - A breakdown of the ʻConfirmationʼ sequence. - Various approaches to playing over ʻI Got Rhythmʼ changes.
JAM-A-longs include individually created files for each key. Each will loop indefinitely, all keys are covered and tempos are adjustable. The included JAM-A-longs are: - V7 - II V I - I Got Rhythm 1 - I Got Rhythm 2 - Confirmation Sequence - Turnaround 1 - Turnaround 2 - Turnaround 3
As with other other Jazz Apps Mobile apps, you can set the notation clef and the overall transposition for your specific instrument and there is balance control for the JAM-A-Longs.
Happy Practicing!